So how does After Launch Support Work?

Which page-specific changes can I make?

– Changing the copy/text
– Changing out images used
– Updating any gallery’s
– Changing the prices/availability of products, programs, or services
– Changing lead magnets and/or call-to-action steps
– Changing out videos
– Updating and/or adding new events to your calendar (if your website already has this functionality)
– Adding a new blog post, or updating currently posted blogs

Can I add videos to my website?

In order to make sure that your website is highly optimized and running smoothly, we ask that all videos be uploaded to your company’s YouTube account (they may be listed as private if you wish). 

Please forward the URL. If your video is sent over as a whole video it will be uploaded to the Twenty 7 Pixels Client YouTube account, listed as private, and added to your website in that manner. 

We do it this way so that the brunt of hosting video content falls on YouTube and not your hosting account. This also helps keep the cost of services down. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

What else is included in my Support Plan?

If you have a support plan with Twenty 7 Pixels, you’ll also receive a monthly report on the 1st of every month that shows an analysis of your web traffic, includes tips, trainings, and other content pieces we’re compelled to create personally for our clients. As you know by now, we’re with you for the long haul and not just here to provide a web design solution but to help make your business thrive. 

What's not included in my Support Plan?

– New page build-outs
– New design elements or illustrations/photo-editing
– New functionality plug-ins/elements
– Anything that requires me to build out something new. 

How do I request a new functionality to my website?

If you would like to add a new functionality, plugin, sales page, registration form, or other page build-out then you will need to click here to request a new service. Once your service has been requested, I will email you a quote and we can get started on building out your required functionality.