How to Write a Perfect About Page

May 11, 2021 | Copywriting, How-To's, Marketing | 0 comments

I know first-hand that the about page is your chance to make a great impression on potential clients. 

Honestly, writing about yourself can be tough. You don’t want to come across as braggy, but you still want people to know you’ve walked the walk. You have experience, maybe even an accreditation or degree and you consider yourself an expert when it comes to doing what you do. 

What if you were able to tell your entire life story in a paragraph? That’s what the about page is for. It should be short and sweet, but still contain all of the necessary information that people need to know before they get an idea of who you are as a person or business owner. You want them inspired by your work ethic and motivated enough so that they continue following along with everything else on your blog!

But nothing turns a reader off faster than an endless list of mundane accomplishments. Your about page is the quickest way for a reader to discover who you are and why they should continue engaging with your content so take advantage and make it interesting!

Here’s three short and sweet tips to help you do just that: 

  • Make it about them

 One of the easiest ways to write your about me page is to make it about your ideal client or customer. As business owners we’re used to focusing on the needs of our customers and the people we serve, so I’m a believer in leaning into what makes sense rather than shying away from it. 

Besides, customers who come to your website really want to know what it is that you can offer. How can you help them? Nine times out of ten, they’re not that impressed by your mile-long list of accolades and accomplishments if it doesn’t give them some sort of immediate relief from their pain point or problem.

Now don’t get me wrong, your accolades do belong, and those things can help you gain credibility but at the end of the day people want to know that you understand them and that you can help them. 

So make sure that the words you write on your about me page focuses more on what you can do for your dream client and reads less like a resume. 

  • Tell a story

I come from a background of fiction writing, but in that journey I’ve learned the power of stories. Stories are inspirational and have the power to drive action when used correctly. If you can effectively tell your story in a way that connects you with your dream client they’ll be more compelled to trust you. 

Typically, we like people who we can relate to. This is your chance to get authentic and let them know that you’ve not only been where they currently are, but that you’re now passionate about helping them get to that same place. 

Don’t be afraid to let loose and bare your soul.

  • End it with a call-to-action 

Granted most people don’t think of an about page as a sales tool, but here’s a little secret for you…(every page on your website should be helping you convert!)

Therefore you should always end all of your content pieces, including your about me page with a call-to-action! Ideally, it’s something along the lines of “work with me” or “contact me”, but it could also be as simple as “leave a comment.” 

Don’t let your about page copy send your dream client away from your website. It’s your chance to make a great impression on potential clients.

If you know this isn’t something you’re interested in doing and would like help writing this crucial piece of content, contact me! I’m ready and willing to create captivating stories for your audience.